Reasons: Why Running is Better Than Weight Training

Healthy, athletic man running on a bridge with green trees and plants in the background.

There are a large number of reasons why you should go to the gym and indulge in strength training. For instance weight training is good when it comes to muscle building, core strength building and a good shape body. But when it comes to running it has a slight edge over strength training in some aspects which are common to everyone. In this article we have collected all those facts which will tell you why is it better to run than to indulge in strength training. Let us dive deep in and see what these facts have to offer.

Disclaimer: We are not asking you to stop going to the gym but we suggest that you should consider running too.

1)    Running is free of equipments

Fit, healthy woman without equipment: running is equipment free.

You don’t need any dumbbells or machines to run. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and a sportswear and voila you are good to run. Running is low cost and highly productive in this sense. Running does not uphold us of any prerequisites of buying any equipment. Does it make you feel any better about hitting the park and running? If not, then give it a try and you will soon be in favour of it.

2) Anywhere, anytime

Children running down hill on a lush green meadow.

Oh-oh does the gym’s opening time is 8:00 AM? Does your gym remains closed during the day time? Well running has an advantage here, parks remain open every time. Even if the park is closed you can hit any street corner and start your run there. Running does take you out of the gym walls and gets your kicks running. The other perk that running has to offer is the fresh breathe of nature that comes free of cost when you run.

3) Running really lets you live longer

Senior man playing with his grand children, while the children are running in a park.

Well this fact is research backed that runners really live longer than non-runners. There was a study conducted on approximately 1000 people and the study lasted for 21 years. The results of the study came out to be that the ratio of people alive after the age of 61 in terms of runners and non-runners was 85:66. This is a good enough reason to head out and run. The other noticeable point that came out after the study is that if you introduce running in your daily schedule then the chances of you living longer almost doubles up.

4) Running makes you happy

Happy and smiling woman running on a beach.

This fact is also research backed that when we run our brain releases a chemical called endocannabinoid which is similar to the chemical released from cannabis plant. The simile that almost everyone uses in this context is by referring the ‘after running happiness’ to the ‘runner’s high’. This chemical increases the dopamine release in your body (brain specifically) and dopamine release is the factor that makes us happy and feel delighted.

5) Running cuts out on your travel time

People in cars stuck in traffic on the road.

Well if you are headed for the gym then it might take you some time to reach the gym, but this is not the case in contrast to running. You just wear your kicks and directly head to run as soon as you get out of your residence. Rather than spending your time in the car travelling to the gym it is better to get out of your home and start running. So in a way it saves up your time of travel and increases your productivity.

6) A good and fast way to reduce belly fat

Fat and heavy man and woman doing weight training.

In a research conducted on runners it was found that people who ran more than 35 miles in a week had very less weight accumulation near the belly region. Running turns out to be better at avoiding belly fat as compared to any form of strength training. Running is also good for those looking to reduce belly fat fast. So next time you want to lose belly fat fast you know where to go.

7) Running wins when it comes to burning calories

Man running on pavement to burn fat and calories.

A 60 minutes session of strength training burns approximately 299 calories whereas an hour of running burns approximately 550 calories. So clearly running is better at shedding calories as compared to strength training. Another fact to back up here:  A treadmill set to ‘hard level’ burns approximately 800 calories in an hour which is far more than any of the strength training exercises. Weight training has an advantage at building core strength, so the best to do to yourself is to carry on with your strength training as well as add running to your daily schedule.


8) You can take your dog along while running

Vector image of a woman running with her dog while the sun shines in the background.

Dogs are generally not allowed at the gym but they are at the parks. So if you have to take your fur friend along head straight to the park. The good part is that while running a dog’s body also releases endocannabinoid chemical similar to ours which is the reason behind us feeling happy. So help your dog friend and make them feel happy too. We guarantee that running with your pet alongside will be full of fun and enjoyment.

9) Running is implicit cardiovascular workout

When you run your heart beat starts to pump at a faster rate. Running covers up a lot of cardiovascular aspects. Running is one of the great ways to condition the cardiovascular body system. Running is an immense aerobic activity which rigorously utilises carbohydrates and fats and as a result the runner has high and quality oxygen consumption. A study from the past also reveals that the heart of a runner is more efficient than a sedentary person’s heart. Along with cardiovascular conditioning running also tones and shapes up your body. Down the line running is implicitly doing cardio exercises without the need to pick up any weights.

10) Running makes you goal oriented

Goals are plotted on a board: focus is on top to achieve the goal

We are our choices and choices have consequences. Psychology says that running makes us goal-focussed. You always aim to achieve higher levels while running and you have an idea in mind that these goals can’t be achieved overnight. It takes hard work, consistent efforts and time to reach your running goals. So in a way running also impacts your attitude and gears you towards being persistent and patient. Mindset like this also pays off in other career choices in the long run. So, running makes you more focused, persistent and a goal oriented person in life.

11) Running fights off immunity diseases

Running makes your immune system stronger. In case you feel sick, then in that case a half-hour run can easily boost the immunity system to fight off low fever and common cold. In a study conducted people who were indulged in running for 5 days a week were found to be healthier than non runners and their chances of catching respiratory infections were found to be 45 percent lower than non runners. Running has an edge over any other workout involving weight training at making your immunity system stronger.

12) Running offers more flexibility than weight training

You don’t have to be an athlete to start running, nor do you have to train your body for lifting heavy weights. You just grab your shoes and can directly head for a run. No complications. Also the running workout can be easily customised as per your routine and plans. Since running involves a lot of cardiovascular exercises being done implicitly, it is better than any other workout and makes your body muscles flexible.

13) Running is more social

Vector image of people running in a group and socializing.

Mostly everyone is involved in following their own workout schedule at the gym and we hardly notice people chit-chatting there. But running on the other hand is more of a community and social sport. You can easily find people on the running track and a lot of running communities out there on the internet to help you. Down the line running is more of a social sport as compared to gym workouts.

14) Running is implicitly meditative in nature

Calm and peaceful woman meditating on the beach with clear sky in the background.

Did you know that whenever you run you tend to encounter less negative thoughts than you usually would have? Aerobic activities like running release ‘endorphin’ in the brain and endorphins are known to make you more happy and energetic. Consequences or after effects like these are the essence of meditation. So, you can say running is kind of implicit meditation on the go.

15) We are designed to run

Running is actually the very basic form of exercise that we can do with our body parts. You just need your legs to push yourself forward and the best part is that running is as efficient as any other workout. As humans we have been lucky enough to be gifted with two legs and running can be one of the best return gifts that we can give back to our body.

16) A good enough reason to eat carbohydrates

Stack of white bread that is full of carbohydrates.

In a study conducted some time ago it was found that eating carbohydrates acted as a better fuel for runners to run better and more efficiently. Here we are talking about the carbohydrates that come from breads and pasta and not about the carbohydrates from multi grains. Eating carbohydrates makes a runner stay more energized in the long run. So you can easily munch on your favourite cookies and breads and stay guilt free at the same time. Voila, does this give you a good enough reason to run?

17) Running improves your sleep quality

Woman sleeping peacefully on her bed.

A simple and effective running habit to look after: Simply run for 30 minutes every day and continue this for three weeks and you will start to notice better sleep quality in no time. Psychology also says that if we want to make or convert something into a habit then we must do it every day for a period of 21 days and by default it will convert into a habit. Weight lifting and training drains out your energy after a while whereas a 30 minute consistent run will end making you feel happier and energetic. Looking at all the good effects running has to offer it really makes no sense for us to not make it a habit.

18) Running makes your heart healthier

Animation of a heart running in a park

Running is an exercise that not only affects just physical health during activity time but also after it is completed. It trains aerobic metabolism of the body, lowers resting heart rate, blood pressure and other physical metabolism of the body. As per a scientific study, running is the most effective form of exercise which also helps utilize time. Less time, more effectiveness and more productivity is considered to be the trademark of running as an exercise.

19) Running turns out to be a good source of accessing vitamins


Running is an outdoor activity and hence increases the exposure to sunlight whereas the gym walls devoid you of exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is a constant source of vitamin D which is considered very vital for human body. Taking a run outside also helps in maintaining mental health balance as it releases dopamine which helps in keeping depression away and preventing Type 2 Diabetes. Being a strenuous physical activity, it also helps strengthen your bones. So more reasons to keep running!