Turmeric Fights Depression: A Natural Solution to Depression

A sad looking girl probably in depression.

This turmeric lemonade that you can quickly prepare at home is a healthy drink that can help fight depression naturally. Learn to prepare this powerful concoction!

Depression is a chronic emotional disorder that does not differentiate between sex, age or social status. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that more than 350 million people in the world have suffered some episode of it. It is characterized by causing a state of deep sadness, although it is usually accompanied by physical symptoms such as the constant feeling of tiredness, muscle pain, and weakening of the immune system.

In recent years, it has become a reason for disability, mainly because it has been proven that its effects on human health significantly reduces the quality of life. Although it seems that it can be easily overcome, those who suffer from it, see everything dark and may end up in the shadows rather than shine in their lives.

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Fortunately, there are many methods to increase the feeling of well-being and improve mental health for people who suffer from depression. Although the most severe cases require formulation of antidepressants and therapies from a Doctor, others can overcome it naturally.

In this regard, we want to recommend a healthy turmeric lemonade whose properties have allowed it to gain fame as an alternative treatment against depression. Here, we share with you its benefits in detail and the simple recipe to enjoy it at home.

Benefits of Turmeric Lemonade to Fight Depression

Turmeric lemonade is obtained from a combination of warm water with lemon and a small amount of this wonderful spice. Its effects on mental health are so good that they have even been compared to those of the drug Prozac, which they prescribe to control the symptoms of depression.

Benefits of Lemon

slice of lemon placed on the side with turmeric powder in a bowl

Image: Turmeric Powder and Slice of Lime

Lemon is a citrus fruit that stands out for its high content of vitamin C, a nutrient that strengthens the immune system to prevent viral affections. Its regular consumption keeps the pH of the blood in balance and facilitates the elimination of toxins that affect health. It serves to increase the physical and mental performance of humans throughout the day, and also to increase the segregation of serotonin and endorphins, better known as the hormones of happiness.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric root is a natural source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that stop cell damage caused by free radicals. Its principal virtues against depression are attributed to curcumin, an active compound that stimulates neurogenesis in the brain, whose low levels are associated with the increased risk of depression.

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How to Prepare Turmeric Lemonade to Fight Depression?

Turmeric lemonade is an antidepressant drink that, for its antioxidants and analgesic action, also supports the treatment of arthritis, edema and muscular problems.


  1. Four glasses of warm water
  2. Two tablespoons of turmeric powder
  3. Four tablespoons of honey
  4. One lemon
  5. One orange (optional)


  • Extract the juice of a lemon and mix it in a jug with four glasses of warm water.
  • Add the juice of an orange and continue adding turmeric powder while stirring the blend continuously.
  • Sweeten the beverage with a little honey and stir until everything is dissolved.

Consumption Mode:

Serve a glass of turmeric lemonade and consume it at the first symptoms of depression. If you are already dealing with this condition, take a glass on an empty stomach and distribute the rest to two or more doses a day.

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Bottom Line

The effects of curcumin have been compared with those of commercial antidepressants. By including it in this lemonade, we could improve the mood of a human being and complement the medical treatment to combat depression. It is essential to bear in mind that the degree of severity of depression in a person can progress to become a disease that needs greater care in addition to medical treatment.

For this reason, the persons suffering from acute depression must also be given an appropriate treatment that meets the needs of each case in addition to the consumption of turmeric. Antidepressants and the attention of a mental health professional play a major role in alleviating this condition. However, as an addition, you can consider natural alternatives that contribute to increasing the feeling of well-being. In this case, the combination of warm water with lemon and turmeric makes an amazing drink to treat the symptoms of depression, even those that compromise the body's defenses.