Proven Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic on Empty Stomach

Garlic cloves placed on white background with text written as: Proven Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic on Empty Stomach

Since the dawn of time, nature has bestowed us with great blessings.

Some blessings contribute to our good health, while others simply have a positive effect on our lifestyle.

Among the many blessings, one is garlic. It is an aromatic herbal ingredient that can be found in various cuisines across the globe.

That's why: For 5000 years Garlic has been used around the World as Food and Medicine.

Due to its amazing benefits and properties, Garlic has been given different names like: “natural antibiotic”, “plant talisman”, “vegetable viagra”, “snake grass”, “Russian penicillin”, etc.

When raw garlic cloves are crushed, chopped or chewed, an enzyme known as alliinase is released, that then through a series of conversions produces allicin.

Allicin – is the main active ingredient in garlic, responsible for most of its benefits on human health.

Raw and fresh garlic will give you maximum health benefits because the potency or concentration of beneficial compounds like allicin, ajoene, etc. decreases with cooking or any kind of food processing. (R)

Thus, benefits of raw garlic on empty stomach far outweigh the effects consuming it in its cooked form.

Today, modern science proves that garlic offers you a range of health benefits.

So, without any further ado, see for yourself why garlic should become a part of your daily diet!

Fights Cardiovascular Diseases

Image of a healthy heart with normal ECG graph.

If you are suffering from cardiovascular problems, garlic can definitely help you fight off several of the issues such as high blood pressure, bad LDL cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and other heart-related diseases.

It’s because garlic is rich in Allicin, a sulfur compound that contains high percentile of hydrogen sulfide.

It relaxes your blood vessels and allows blood to easily flow through them, resulting in normalizing your blood pressure and increasing your heart life simultaneously.

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No More Hair Fall!

Girl having problem with hair fall.

Hair fall troubles half the population around the world these days.

However, Turkey has found a solution to resolve it and the secret lies in garlic.

According to a study of Iranian researchers, garlic gels, when applied to the scalp, can considerably lower the risk of hair fall by fighting off alopecia.

Alopecia has no such cure to be found yet. It is an autoimmune skin disease which results in sudden hair loss on any part of the skin it effects.

According to researchers, garlic helps in generating topical corticosteroid, an effective treatment for alopecia.

It Controls Diabetes

Man checking his sugar level with the medical equipment by pricking his index finger.

If you are suffering from diabetes, a clove of garlic is all that it takes to keep your diabetic problems under control. Garlic regulates your blood sugar levels and keeps your blood pressure under control.

How does garlic help in controlling diabetes?

A test conducted on rats precisely showed that garlic reduces serum glucose components within our body. (R)

A reduction in this compound helps the body’s metabolism to fight against other diabetic complications such as nephropathy and atherosclerosis.

Fights Cold and Infection

Woman sneezing into a tissue: Suffering from cold and infection.

Garlic contains Allicin, a compound capable of fighting off several microorganisms; some of which are present in their rarest forms and can become a leading cause of deadly infections.

It also fights off cold. A study showed that individuals who consumed garlic during the winter season were less likely to catch flu or cold as compared to those who did not. (R)

In fact, consumption of garlic reacted so fast among the other group of individuals, that they recovered from the flu much faster than those who did not consume it at all.

Anti-Cancer Ingredient

Garlic contains anti-cancer properties.

It makes sure your body stays safe from getting cancer by blocking out substances which act as activation agents.

Garlic boosts your immune system which not only saves you from different types of cancer, but also helps you fight off other diseases such as viral or bacterial infections.

When garlic is cooked, there is a considerable loss of allicin, a substance responsible for most of the medicinal benefits of garlic. So, its better to consume garlic in its raw form. (R)

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The Best Anticoagulant

Taking Aspirins is not considered a healthy choice.

Aspirins, when taken in excess or on a routine basis, can become a leading cause of Ulcer.

Ulcers happen when your stomach starts bleeding. However, nature sends its gift to human life in many ways and one such gift is garlic.

Garlic is a natural blood thinning ingredient which creates a protective layer for not only your stomach but just about everywhere vulnerable to effects of thrombosis. (R)

Thrombosis is the occurrence of blockages in blood flow cycle due to the buildup of clots.

Helps with Weight Loss

Woman measuring her belly with a inches tape. Depicting weight loss.

When it comes to weight loss, the margin is rather slim.

However, it is considered that garlic do aid positively with Weight loss.

Taking a few cloves of garlic, each day can cut down the fat accumulated around your waist.

Although, the window of the Korean study conducted is rather small because the research is significantly based on 30 Korean woman showing positive results.

But, after all, a study is yet a study and the effects are observed on humans.

Henceforth, garlic does benefit the human body with weight loss.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Garlic extract is well known for its impact on decreasing high cholesterol levels in human blood and body.

The juice of garlic positively affects the blood by reduction of oxidation within the blood cholesterol.

Lower oxidation levels in blood results in minimizing the plaque buildup within arteries, ultimately resulting in controlling blood pressure and decreasing the risk of a heart attack.

Bad cholesterol has several other negative impacts and yet, garlic can easily eliminate it from your body.

It Controls Blood Pressure

Man measuring blood pressure using the pressure sleeve.

Garlic shows positivity to control increased blood pressure.

Extracts from aged garlic cloves have proven to be effectual on patients suffering from long-term hypertension. (R)

In fact, some studies show that the effect of eating raw garlic to control blood pressure is more or less similar as to those who are dependent on taking medicines for high blood pressure.

Fights off Encephalitis

Encephalitis occurs inside the human brain.

It is an inflammation effect which can cause cerebral edema.

Encephalitis is caused due to the inflammation of the brain tissue and it happens when a viral infection penetrates within the nerve cells of the brain.

In fact, it is so dangerous that it can result in counteracting the immune system of the body itself and become deadlier.

Under the strict supervision of medical practitioners, garlic is known to cure encephalitis when induced within a body in large doses.

Natural Blood Detoxifier

Garlic is a natural blood detoxifier.

It helps in cleaning your blood from all antioxidants, leaving the blood clean from all unnecessary toxins flowing into the blood.

Not only does this natural blood detoxifier helps in keeping toxins out of the blood flow, but it also assists in keeping lead and other heavy metal in control within the human system.

Therefore, a few cloves a day can help you detox your blood.

It Helps Prevent Ulcer

Garlic is also very well known for its benefit to fight off ulcer.

It forms a protective layer around the stomach and ensures that no foreign ailments may cause harm to the lining of the stomach resulting in internal bleeding.

This benefit of garlic is what makes it a widely accepted natural treatment herb to not only soothe the effect of ulcers within patients but also help them recover from the problem.

Garlic is best known for its raw form to unleash most of its microbial properties.

Compared to cooked garlic, the raw form shows a higher value as it keeps most of the natural elements of garlic intact within it.

However, whether cooked or in raw form, garlic still becomes one of the best natural ingredients to help control a number of diseases within the human body.

So, when was the last time you added garlic to your natural diet? Now might just be the time! Give it a try and I promise, you won’t ever regret it.

Also, as we always want you to be healthy and happy, please consider taking advice from a registered medical practitioner before making any major changes to your diet / lifestyle.

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