Indian home remedies to lose belly fat fast

Happy and surprised Indian woman, about the weight loss: Pulling her jeans from the waist line.


Since ages, belly fat has always been a major concern for all men and women. Everybody has dreamt of having a flat and slim belly. But unfortunately, many of them are coping with bulging stomach and tyres around their body. Belly fat is a return gift from our inappropriate lifestyle and eating habits.

Belly fat not only destroys your physical appearance but also increases your risk to many health ailments. It is one of the strongest risk factor for heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.  It is also believed that fat cells in belly release large amount of fatty acids which can cause havoc in blood sugar and insulin metabolism.

There are several Indian home remedies which help in detoxifying the body while making it lose unwanted fat. These remedies help the body perform better by utilizing glucose better. Try these 11 magical home remedies to get rid of belly fat easily.

1. Aloe Vera juice to shrink middle abdomen

Fresh aloe vera juice and gel dripping from the aloe vera leaf into a tray: mason jar is kept in the background to collect the juice

Aloe Vera is a magical herb with amazing health benefits. Aloe Vera juice is a fine natural antioxidant which cleanses the digestive system and rapidly reduces belly fat. Not just the body, it intensely detoxifies your skin adding an exceptional glow to it.

Aloe Vera juice is known to have plenty of essential vitamins, amino acid and other fatty acids. Thus, it fulfills your regular requirement of nutrients and prevents over eating.


  • Drink one tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice on an empty stomach or fifteen minutes prior to breakfast.
  • Follow the consumption for at least one and a half week for better results.
  • Add a little honey to develop the taste of Aloe Vera.

2. Curry Leaves

Fresh curry leaves on a white background

Curry leaves have a powerful nature of burning fat. With anti-inflammatory properties, it excellently improves the functioning of stomach and small intestines. It is best known for controlling bad cholesterol and reducing accumulated fat in obese people.


  • Directly add to your drinks like buttermilk and tea.
  • Chew 6-8 leaves in the morning for cleaning small intestine.
  • Cooking curry leaves in dishes does not result in crushing belly fat.

3. Cumin seeds

Close up of heap of cumin seeds

Cumin seeds or jeera are best to help jumpstart your weight and control bad cholesterol. The tiny cumin seeds have the capacity to fight like a wrestler with stomach bloating and flatulence. It is one of the best home remedies to deal with gas problem, thereby, strengthening your digestive system.


  • Soak cumin seeds in water overnight and boil the seeds in morning. Filter the mixture and drink it on an empty stomach;
  • Drink the water of soaked cumin seeds for at least 2 weeks for better fat reduction results;
  • Prefer to drink black tea with cumin and lemon juice over the regular tea.

4. Barley flour for weight control

Due to high fibre content, barley is considered as a wonderful ingredient in controlling belly fat. The wholegrain helps you prevent hunger and over- eating for a longer period of time. It is considered better than wheat flour as it is low in calories and saturated fats.

Barley does not just help you in cutting belly fat but also helps in reducing the risk of health diseases.


  • Make chapattis with barley flour as it is more nutritious than food made with wheat.
  • Boil water with barley seeds and drink it on every basis for better results.
  • Consume barley for at least one week for better results.

5. Detox water for flat tummy

Glass filled with detox water (water, lime juice & slices, mint leaves)

Detox water is naturally flavored water with no calories - high benefits. This water supplies essential vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy body while reducing belly size. It is highly beneficial in cleansing the stomach and keeping the metabolism function properly. Apart from flushing out the body toxins, it keeps body fluids in balance, reducing the risk of obesity.


  • Mix crushed mint leaves, finely chopped cucumber, lemon, ginger and water to prepare regular detox water.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of detox water for better results.
  • Consume the water after 3-4 hours of preparation to have better flavors and taste.

6. Papaya to burn belly fat

close up of half cut papaya with seeds inside

Papaya is one of the very important fruits to burn belly fat. It is great for people who have digestive problems like gas and constipation. It is surprising to know that papaya seeds possess incredible health properties. From care for the digestive system to care for the kidneys, papaya has the cure for all.


  • Papaya works best on fat when eaten with some other food for great results.
  • Mix papaya with milk or yogurt and consume it in the form of smoothie with a healthy breakfast.
  • Ripe papaya can be consumed in the form of salad mixed with other fruits and spices.

7. Ajwain (Carom Seeds) for tummy fat

Ajwain is an important ingredient in flat tummy regime. It is known for reducing water retention and swelling in body. These seeds contain an essential oil – Thymol which is an antiseptic with anti- inflammatory properties. Thus, helps in cleansing of small intestines and proper digestion.


  • Boil ajwain in water. Drink the filtered water when it’s lukewarm.
  • Soak ajwain in water overnight. Next morning, add honey into ajwain water and drink on an empty stomach.
  • Another way of having ajwain for flat tummy is to combine with fennel seeds.

8. Water, lemon and honey

Animated picture of a glass filled with water, lime juice & slices and honey.

Water, lemon and honey mix is a universal weight loss drink. The best time to have the mix of three is on an empty stomach. The drink works best when it is warm, improving digestion and immunity. Lemon and honey possess their own individual qualities and thus, both promotes over all weight loss.


  • Mix honey and lemon in warm water and drink it on an empty stomach to keep constipation at bay.
  • For better results, make it a routine to be followed for at least a month.
  • Honey acts as a natural sweetener in the drink. Do not add sugar to the mix to get taste of the drink.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar for toned belly

Glass filled with apple cider vinegar and apples (red & green) are placed around it.

High in Acetic acid, Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the very old ingredients to get perfect belly shape. It is an appetite suppressor which makes you eat less and prevents fat accumulation. It makes digestion and metabolism more efficient, thereby, flushing out all the toxins from body.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar burns extra calories when taken with water.
  • Add honey to make the taste better.
  • Drink apple cider vinegar and water mix on an empty stomach for better results.

10. Bottle gourd for cutting tummy fat

Close up of whole & uncut bottle gourd.

Bottle gourd is an ideal vegetable for cutting fat. It is extremely low in calories and thus, helps in losing belly fat immediately. It has the qualities of reducing bad cholesterol, unwanted fat and boosting metabolism. Therefore, bottle gourd proves to be a universal vegetable for maintaining good health.


  • Have bottle gourd juice in the breakfast for a flat tummy.
  • Add lemon juice, pinch of pepper and black salt to the juice to get more effective results.
  • Be regular with the juice to lose belly fat fast.

11. Sprouted Horse Gram for the flat belly

Horse gram is a super fat burning pulses. Rich in protein, polyphenols and calcium iron, horse gram gives energy to the body and reduced belly fat. It has great natural properties to burn fat when taken in a regular diet. It is well known for shredding extra pounds by preventing storage of fat in the body.


  • Horse gram produces heat in the body. It is advisable to consume it with buttermilk or cumin seeds to balance the heat.
  • Soak horse gram in water for at least 8 hours for making sprouted horse gram.
  • Add veggies to the sprouted horse gram for a healthy breakfast.


The above Indian home remedies are powerful in losing belly fat. However, they work best when added with your regular exercise routine. You can also add the below exercises for losing belly fat extremely fast:

1. Kapalbhati Yoga

Woman doing kapalbhati yoga (breathing exercise) at home, while sitting in padmasana

Kapalbhati is a cleansing technique related to our breathing. While sitting in Padmasana, it involves forceful exhalations and automatic inhalations with fast breathing. This technique oxygenates the brain, reduces stress, fight obesity and helps losing belly fat.

2. Crunches for belly fat

Woman doing crunches while another woman assists her by holding her legs, in a gym

Crunches are one of the best and important exercises for losing belly fat. Nothing works better on belly fat faster than crunches. You can add different types of crunches for a toned belly like twist crunches, side crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches and lunges.

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3. Low Belly leg reach

Low Belly leg reach is an interesting exercise to be included in your daily workout. It helps you get a flat tummy faster by focusing on lower abdomen and thighs. Do at least 2 sets of 15-20 times for better and faster result.


While having belly fat cutting diet or food, it is mandatory to keep certain things in mind to keep a healthy lifestyle. From healthy to an appropriate lifestyle can help a ton to get a flat belly.

  • Avoid sleeping after meals and in afternoon. This results in stomach bloating and bulging.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol or any form of drug to lose belly fat.
  • Make a transition to natural sweeteners while having sugar cravings.
  • Strictly no to oily and junk food.
  • Add citrus fruit to your diet like orange, lemon and grapefruit.
  • Add healthy salads to your diet.
  • Have multigrain breads instead of wheat breads.
  • Consumption of green tea for 2-3 times in a day helps to burn unwanted fat.
  • Avoid having preservative juices and foods. As 80% of packed food items promote bulgy stomach.
  • Give 10 minutes to meditation for a stress free mind. Stressful or depressed mind cause us to crave more fat and sugar.