Garlic Improves Three Ayurvedic Doshas: Benefits Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Raw Garlic Lobes

For more than 3000 years, the sages of the Indian subcontinent have taught Ayurveda. This is a health and wellness system that tries to find a balance between mind, body, senses and spirit. 

Ayurveda allows us to recognize our subtle energies -- known as “doshas” -- that bring out the uniqueness in each one of us. This practice tries to offer an insight into our different personalities. It uses the three doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha to do this. 

Learn more about what your own dosha reveals about your personality, here.

The Five Elements

Our doshas derive their properties from these five elements:

  1. Air,

  1. Earth,

  1. Water,

  1. Fire,

  1. Space.

The meanings derived from the three doshas are: 

  • Pitta: Derived from fire and water elements.

  • Vata: Reflects space and air elements.

  • Kapha: Components of kapha are earth and water.

Keep reading to understand the characteristics of each "dosha":

The Use and Benefits of Garlic in the Three Doshas

One of the most important things to note is that not all people can use garlic. People with Pitta characteristics cannot use garlic. 

It is very important that you understand your dosha in order to maintain a holistic well-being.

We shall look at individual doshas and the effect of garlic in them: 

1) Characteristics of Pitta Dosha

- Hot,

- Acidic,

- Sharp,

- Pungent,

- Penetrative,

- Intense.

Due to their excellent digestive system, pittas tend to think that they can eat virtually everything. This is not true. There are restrictions to what they can consume. 

Due to their characteristics, they are advised to consume foods which will produce a cooling effect. This is because an excessive pitta dosha causes the body to overheat. 

Visit this site to get detailed information on the types of foods safe for Pitta characteristics. 

2) Characteristics of Vata Dosha

- Uncomfortable in cold weather,

- Fun and lively personality,

- Get tired quickly,

- Moody,

- Tend to act on impulse.

They are mostly advised to consume sweet and nourishing fruits and vegetables. Vata dosha should also consume root vegetables. This is because vegetables grown under-ground suppress and stabilize vata personalities.

Garlic's properties stabilizes mood and boosts strength. It is beneficial to people with Vata elements. Read here more about the foods that are good for Vata people.

3) Characteristics of Kapha: 

- Soft in nature, 

- Slow,

- Strong body build,

- Loving,

- Calm and thoughtful.

These elements need to be balanced to achieve general wellness in people with kapha elements. This balance can be achieved by the following: 

- Use stimulants - This can be achieved by consuming elements which can stimulate the blood.

- Avoid cold and wetness – As a kapha you should avoid exposure to cold. Trying to keep warm will alleviate discomfort caused by cold.

- Use warm and stimulating aromas – cloves are very instrumental in stimulating due to their pungent smell and taste. 

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Understanding the elements that form our dosha is very important in maintaining our bodies’ optimum balances. Knowing what makes you behave the way you do is also important in helping us control our temperament.

Eating foods that stabilize or stimulate our different doshas is crucial in ensuring we keep fit.

It is evident that the properties of garlic make it beneficial to people with vata and kapha personalities. Using of garlic in pitta dosha is highly discouraged. This is because it tends to aggravate a person’s already heated personality. 

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