Natural Ways to Burn Fat And Build Muscle

Fit, slim and muscular women is checking her arms while holding a dumbbell in one hand: Showing her low body fat and more muscle mass.

The body recomposition is a goal of twin processes – ‘burning body fat and building muscle’ simultaneously. Both processes are delicate subjects in the world of building better physique. Body recomposition can be really difficult, if not done properly. It is essential to know that while losing body fat, our body also loses muscle weight.

However, the right approach and understanding the basics of body recomposition actually helps in building muscles while reducing body fat.

In order to burn fat while building muscles require hard work and determination. You need to keep your focus on three keys: Diet, Cardiovascular exercises and Weight training. These three elements are the keys to body recomposition.

They help you maintain a healthy balance between over- training and under- nourishing. In any way, body recomposition should be done under proper guidance and instructions to avoid muscle mass to drop off. Diet, cardio and weight training are designed according to the fundamental of matching energy demand with energy intake.

Diet is undoubtedly an important aspect of your overall fitness. Nutrition contributes atleast 75% to your body recomposition followed by exercise and weight training. So you need to get your diet and workout routine in order.  

Follow these extremely effective ways to build your body as you want:


Healthy food items placed on a table.

In order to gain energy, you first need to give up on gimmicky weight loss plans and fake supplements. Use an all natural diet to become healthy and active. Eating moderate portions of whole and unprocessed food can contribute well to your heart and muscles. Consume only those food items which help you fuel up your daily functions. This way you feel fatigueless and more energetic throughout the day.

1. Intake of proteins

Man preparing a protein rich diet (eggs, sausages, etc.) in a frying pan.

Proteins are vital for building lean muscle mass. Having protein in your diet after workout help your body in rebuilding muscles. Building muscle mass through diet boosts your metabolism. It also turns body fat to lean mass, thus, makes your over all body composition healthier than before.

Proteins prove to be very helpful in losing fat. They contribute in making your tummy feel full. So, you tend to crave less for more food. Consuming adequate protein burns body fat as it demands more calories to digest it. Thus, it helps in losing fat faster while maintain muscle mass.

Appropriate non vegetarian high protein food: Chicken, lean mutton, salmon fish, tuna fish and eggs.

Vegetarian high protein food: Broccoli, mustard greens, soybeans, leafy greens and peanut butter.

2. Eat less Carbohydrates

A single banana showing less carbohydrates.

Cutting carbohydrates from your regular diet is one of the best ways to lose weight. Consuming less carbohydrate tends to reduce your appetite. Thus, you keep losing weight automatically. Moreover, carbohydrates help your body absorb proteins which does not let it turn into fat and gain weight. 

It is recommended that carbohydrates should be consumed before workout as they give instant energy to burn calories. This way, carbohydrates contribute a lot to workout routine and diet, if consumed properly.

Appropriate carbohydrates for body building: Whole grain bread, pasta and rice. These food items also reduce high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Oatmeal and sweet potatoes are also considered as the best source of carbohydrates.

3. Count your calories

Women counting calories on her phone while all the food items are placed in front of her on a table.

Your calorie intake plays a very important role in body building. You cannot fill your stomach with unhealthy food or large meals 1-2 times in a day. This will lead to other abnormal weight problems. Balancing your calories is important as too many calories may lead to weight gain and too few calories can result in no muscle mass. It is always recommended to eat more calories than your body burns off during workout and all day long.

Eat high quality protein, nutritious meals and natural food atleast 6 times a day. Use fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains in place of processed food made with refine sugar and grains. High fiber food promotes fat loss and keeps your tummy full for long time. Focus on high quality protein as it helps in repair and growth of muscles.

4. No to ‘Processed Food’

Vector image of a can of processed food.

It is rightly being said, “The key to healthy eating is avoid any food that has a TV Commercial.”

Processed food is the enemy of a healthy body. They are high in preservatives and flavours with almost zero nutrition value. The unhealthiest facts of processed food are the artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins that gradually make the body go weak.


Immediately stop consuming food products like packed chips and cookies, frozen or instant made food, artificial drinks or juices and packed chicken or meat.

Cardiovascular Exercises

People in gym doing aerobics and other cardiovascular exercises.

The ultimate goal to build a fit body is to lose fat while maintaining good amount of muscle you have. Cardiovascular exercises mainly demand more calories which increases fat loss. While doing cardio training, a lot of people lose muscle mass with fat. This is only for the reason they lose calories more than their body intake. So it is important to set out a strict routine to balance your cardio and weight training.

To carve a great physique, it is important to properly pair your cardio training with weight training. For example, do low intensity cardio for 30 minutes preceded by 45-60 minutes weight training. This result in fat loss and at the same time adds lean mass to your muscles.

Do not pre-assume that you need to hit a gym for intense cardio. Choosing natural ways to do cardio is the most appropriate approach of body building. Here are a few cardio exercises that can be done outside the gym:


People running while sun shines in the background.

It is one of the best ways to get your cardiovascular training in place. Do not hop on to the treadmill directly for running. Prefer to run outdoors which supplies oxygen to your heart and overall body. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle due to work, then running outdoors works best to burst stress.

Running proves to be a great natural fat burning tool. The more you run, the more your body speeds up the fat loss process.

If you’re a beginner, running for 20 minutes is good to start with. But if you have reached at a higher level of workout then it has to be 30 to 45 minutes.

2. Stairmaster

Athletic, young man running up the stairs.

The Stairmaster works best when you have to sweat your body and release toxins from it. Make it your first choice if you want to target glutes and thighs. Stairmaster guarantees to make you lose fat faster. It is a great workout to bring your buttocks in shape. The Stairmaster results are always amazing when done regularly.

For beginners, it is recommended to climb stairs for 15 minutes starting from walking to running.  After reaching a high level workout, you can increase the time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes two – three times a week.

3. Jumping Rope

Vector image of a girl jumping on a skipping rope.

For high intensity workout, add rope jumping in your routine. It is a perfect way to boost metabolism and burn fat quickly. Adding variations in speed of jumping rope really helps in sweating your body badly. When you become regular with rope jump, you will gradually start observing the fat melting off your body.

Jumping rope proves to be one of the most effective cardio workouts. It has a low impact on knee when executed properly. Maintain an upright posture and balance by looking straight ahead. Focus on your speed to burn fat. For best performance, shorten the rope as it improves the rope’s rational speed and reflexes.



Weight Training

People lifting weights and doing weight training in a gym.

Weight training is one of the most difficult elements of the body recomposition. It involves great training ambitions and nutrition strategy together. Make weight training a regular part of your workout. It not only builds muscles but also tones your body in proper shape.

For building muscles, you need to improve your strength and define your body. You can divide your muscle building and weight training program in to three phases. These are – Building base, Hypertrophy and Tone your body.

1.Building Base

Building Base is just like building the foundation of your resistance training program. In this phase, you work for building strength, endurance and stability of joints. The most effective part of this phase is circuit training. It uses high intensity aerobics as well as muscular training. Make a circuit of exercises and on the completion of that circuit; begin again with the same circuit. Exercises included in a circuit should work on each body part individually.  Try to lift moderate weights in this phase.

For upper body, include exercises like squat ups, bench dips, Back extensions, etc.

For lower body, the most effective exercises are squat jumps, compass jumps, step ups, bench squats and hopping shuttles.

For core & trunk, exercises like Sit ups, stomach crunch and back extension chest raise are the best. 

2. Hypertrophy

Once you have built the foundation of your training program, it is time to challenge the muscles to grow. Hypertrophy induces the fastest muscle growth. This is the phase where people actually transform their body and improve their physique. Hypertrophy also results in producing more hormones which loses body fat and fosters muscle growth.

For better results, use challenging weights that make every last repetition difficult.

3. Tone your Body

After building a strong foundation and adding muscle mass, there comes the time to tone your body. Toning your body means firming up each part of the body. In this phase, lift heavier weights that challenge the final repetition. Design this phase in a vertical format by adding exercise one after the other. Complete all sets of exercises, take rest for 60-120 seconds and then start again from the top.

Follow natural diet; make your cardio a routine and weight training a part of your lifestyle. Get an amazing body to live a healthy life.