9 Exercises to Become Slim

Slim and slender woman measuring her waistline with an inches tape and is happy about getting slimmer

Leading a healthy life is not a one-time thing; rather it is a constant endeavor. You need to keep a balance between a healthy eating and an appropriate workout. No matter if you are lean and thin or have an average body. Eating right is important for anyone to lead a healthy life.

Also, even if you don't tend to gain weight that easily, you must inculcate some form of exercise in your regimen for at least two times a week to keep those muscles running smoothly and those joints oiled properly.

That said, now we shall concentrate on people who want to become slim. To get slim in a healthy way, you must have a calorie deficit in your overall intake for a day. That too without sacrificing the important nutrients that are necessary for your day to day regime. This includes activities like pumping blood to your heart or providing necessary oxygen to your lungs and other body parts.

First, you must know what your necessary daily calorie intake is; there are various websites online to give you an idea about the same. Now, next step is to create a calorie deficit. Remember, this calorie intake is what you need to take every day, so cannot reduce the amount of food required to fulfill this. You need to create the calorie deficit by exercising. Here are nine exercises which are easy and you can do it even in your bedroom every morning and will help you strengthen your muscles and lose weight.

On the spot running

fit, slim and young woman doing on the spot walking in a park, wearing sports outfit.

 Everybody, who is trying to lose weight, must meet the target of around 6000 steps in a day. On an average, we can take 1000 steps, even if we are not intended to do so.

So, when you get ready for your workout, you must stand on a non-slippery mat or wear your sports shoes and start walking on the spot. You can download pedometer that is readily available on all play stores these days. This will help you count your steps. Also, you can plug in good motivating music to do so.

This must be done as the first exercise, as it will help you warm up your whole body. This will make you more ready to do another form of exercise that is going to follow. Also, it will reduce the chances of any kind of injury to your muscles or ligaments.

After a while, you can change this exercise into a more active format. You can keep walking on the spot, but now try to raise your knees high up as much as possible. When done in a fast pace, it would turn into a high knee jump and will be a good cardio for your body.

Push Ups

man doing push ups in sports outfit

 After you have warmed up yourself with high knees, you must do some push-ups. It could be a bit difficult for first timers. Here what you can do to start it. You lay on the floor, with your body resting on your palms. Rather than putting your whole-body weight, start doing it with your body resting on your knees. Yes, it will restrict you from whole body exercise but will help you strengthen your upper torso.

With time, you can increase the level of difficulty by bringing in your whole-body weight to do the push-ups. You can watch whole exercise videos available online before starting. This will help you understand the full posture and how to go about it. For the first stage, search “Half Push Up" and for advanced stages, you can search "Push Ups”.

There are various variations of push-ups available these days. They can help you add variation and increased difficulty levels while you keep building your strength with time.

One very popular advanced level push form is reptile pushups. In this, while lowering your chest to the floor; you bring one knee towards your elbow on the same side of the body. Push yourself back up and repeat on the opposite side.

Plank Jumps

 After you are done with push-ups, you are all warmed up to do the planks. Planks are the great way to build your core strength. If you dream to have that nicely cut flat stomach, then plank is your go-to exercise. You can start with a simple plank position and build up with increasing time of staying in that position.

Once you are comfortable to be in plank position for about ten minutes and have done this regime for about a month, it’s time to gear up. The real challenge is to do the plank jumps. They will help you build your core muscles but will also act as a sort of cardio.

Here, you start in a plank position with your shoulders directly over your elbows. Jump your feet as far as you can toward your hands. Jump back to the starting position and repeat.  This exercise will help you improve cardio while working your entire body, particularly your chest, shoulders, core, hips, and quads.

Do at-least two to three sets of five repetitions to fully gain from plank jumps. You can slowly build up on repetitions.

Kettlebell swings

strong fitness woman doing kettlebell swings to tone shoulders abdomen hips and thighs: in a gym.

 This exercise will require you to invest a bit. You need to buy a kettlebell swing. We do have a homemade alternative for it. You can fill a plastic bottle with sand or water and use it as a weight. But it is always better to work with proper gadgets.

So, once you have made your decision, what you will do this exercise with. You need to stand you're your legs one foot apart. Hold the kettlebell. Place it in middle of your legs. Now take both of your arms back above your head. When done repeatedly in a motion, this will give you a feeling of swings. Hence, the name kettlebell swings. Move your eyes with the kettlebell; this will help you keep the balance. Repeat it for around twenty-five times.

This exercise will help you get a stronger core and shoulder muscles. It also works on your hip and thigh muscles. This exercise will warm you up for our upcoming section of squats, which concentrate specifically on stronger and tighter, well-shaped hips and thighs. Just be cautious while doing this. You should avoid straining your back. Start with slow active sessions and build up as your body get used to it.


fitness women doing squats with toned and muscular thighs and legs: in sports outfit.

 Squats come with multiple benefits, but should always be done with proper warm up, hence lined up at number five in our exercise regime. It concentrates on your core muscles like your entire back, abs and thigh muscles.

When done regularly it will help you build up strength in these areas which will help you perform better in your day to day life. It is considered good for people who want to indulge in adventure activities like mountain climbing.

It also helps your body become less prone to injuries like muscle rupture and ligament tear. Squats also help you build up the better digestive system.

To do this exercise, you need to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees centered over your feet. Make sure you are not feeling any kind of strain or jerk in your back while you are in this position. If yes, re-adjust to come in a comfortable position. Now slowly bend your knees, hips, and ankles until you reach a ninety-degree angle. Return to your start position.

Do two sets of this exercise with around twenty reps each. You can also inculcate breathing exercise with it. Breathe in while you go down and breathe out when you return to your starting position.


Woman doing lunges in sports outfit: side pose

 Lunges and squats are like brother and sisters when considered in terms of their benefits. They both help build stronger back, abs and thigh muscles. However, lunges are more preferred as a free form of exercise, which can be done anywhere and anytime. It itself can help you warm up and do not require you to do other exercises before starting it.

In this exercise, you begin standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands on your hips. Step forward with one leg, flexing the knees to drop your hips. Go down until your back-foot knee nearly touches the ground. Now repeat with the other foot in a motion like you are walking while doing the lunges.

If you are performing them in your bedroom or balcony, you can do them on one single spot as well. Just do it with one leg and exchange your leg positions to repeat it for another one on the same spot. This way you do not move from your position while doing this.

You can also add variation to this exercise by holding weights in your hands while doing lunges. This will further add to your hardship and will help you burn more fat.


group of people doing burpees shown in jumping squat position

 The name of the exercise is derived from its inventor in the year 1939. This is one form of exercise that gives you a whole lot of benefits when done regularly. It should always be done with proper warm up and requires a whole lot of mental strength to keep doing them daily. Due to its strict and trying regime, many people may want to just skip them.

To do them, you need to stand straight. From this position, you need to come down into the squat position. Place your arms right in front of you on the floor while in a squat position. Now, kick your feet back into a push-up position and lower your body to the floor. Return your feet back to the squat position as fast as possible. Immediately jump up into the air as high as you can.

You can start with fifteen burpees a day. Give yourself a break of one minute after every five burpees. With time reduce this break to fifteen seconds or no break at all. This will help you build strength in your body. It is the right kind of cardio for all body types.

Remember, if you have any kind of knee injury then you must consult your doctor before doing this exercise. It involves jumping which builds high thrust on your knees and ankles and can worsen your already existing injury.


fit and slim woman doing sit ups in sports outfit, while looking upwards, and  in sports outfit

 Sit-ups give your entire core area a good workout. The weight you are losing may leave you with soggy and loose skin. Sit-ups is an exercise which will help you to tighten them and get you a lean body shape. Although, it may seem to just concentrate on belly fat this exercise is equally good for your thigh muscles.

There are various variations to this exercise but one that is most effective is the V-shape sit ups. Where you need to lie down on your back with your arms above your head. Now curl up whole your body into a V-shape with your fingers touching your feet’s. Repeat this at least fifty times and build up to a 200 set within some time.

You will improve your posture with time. It may seem a difficult endeavor at first but have long lasting results. Like once you have learned cycling, you remember it for your entire life. Similarly, once you are trained well, your body will remember this exercise for your entire life. You will be able to resume with lesser difficulty anytime again.

Plank Twists

Sim, slender and young woman doing plank twist with left hand raised above the head

 The last exercise in getting you slim regime is a plank twist. For this exercise, you need to start with a plank position. Preferably you would have trained and warmed your body well until you come to this exercise. And you will be able to do it with ease.

Place your shoulders right above your palms. Now rotate your body to one side with your arm raised above your head. Your body should be forming a "T". Come back down to your original position and repeat on the second side.

This exercise will definitely help you build a stronger core, shoulder and chest area.